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WEBINAR | Nutrition for Cognitive Function

Part 1 of the Longevity Nutrition Series

Ever wondered if it was possible to improve your cognitive function through nutrition and lifestyle habits? It is! During this presentation, registered dietitian and certified vegan chef, Katie Reines, will discuss research behind foods and health promoting behaviors that promote focus, memory, and brain function (without doing anything extreme!). Stay tuned until the end as Katie brings the research to your refrigerator with an easy blueberry, walnut & chia pudding recipe demonstration! Click here to access the recipe.


About the presenter: Katie Reines is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with the Create Cures Foundation Clinic in Santa Monica, CA. She has been plant based for over 10-years and wrote her master's thesis on plant based nutrition and cancer. Katie is a published author of the “Heart Disease Cookbook,” a certified vegan chef who provides educational cooking classes and food demonstrations for many audiences, and owns a private practice where she utilizes her experience with plant-based nutrition and disordered eating. Katie is also a food freedom and body image coach where she helps young women transition to a plant-based lifestyle focusing on empowerment and health promoting behaviors rather than weight.

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